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Art Beautique Business Story
Inspired By Beauty!

Art Beautique is a new virtual art gallery that is dedicated to celebrating the many diverse inspirations of beauty. The Art Beautique collection shares the beauty of women, glamour, nature, flowers, animals, cityscapes and world capitals. Art Beautique was originally dedicated to creating fine art for the professional beauty, salon, spa and medical markets. Since there really is no other resource available today that is specifically dedicated to decorating professional salons, spas and medical offices, Art Beautique now offers new fine art appreciation and creative visual solutions. Currently, Art Beautique is a ‘One Man Show’ for original limited edition artwork by Larry Oskin. The appeal of Art Beautique Gallery Collections has been broadened to effectively and affordably decorate any home or office with beautiful and inspiring artwork.

Art Beautique Gallery Collections:

Oskin notes, “My Art Beautique work is very stylized as abstract photo impressionism. I believe that photography remains one of our best artistic forms of creative media and visual expression. Through the fine art of photography, we are able to share what we can see, sense and feel, yet not touch! With photography, we can share the instant of a beautiful sunrise, sunset and cloud, which may only otherwise be a mere quick memory. With photography, we are able to enjoy the memory of smiles, happiness, sorrow, love, warmth, friendship, beauty and spirit as well as to remember the unique joy we may have experienced from a complete array of emotions. A picture may only be worth 1000 words, while little else will compare when you are able to capture any special moment in time!”

Abstract Photo Impressionism:

Oskin has created a distinctive style sharing unique photographic art that often appears to be more like an impressionist painting, than a typical fine art photograph. While starting with a massive collection of professional photographs, each piece is digitally enhanced to balance Oskin’s strong sense of color, layout and design with objective and non-objective abstract expressionism. Oskin shares his Art Beautique images as a dedicated color and field theorist, with specialties in fine art photography. Oskin is truly inspired by beauty; whether from the human form or nature. The Art Beautique collection is highlighted with original posterized abstract photographs and photographically enhanced canvas artwork.

Inspired Artwork!

Having worked as a professional artist, exhibiting his paintings, sculptures, ceramics, serigraphs and drawings; fine art photography remains Oskin’s favorite medium. While being respected as a marketing specialist throughout his career with banks, real estate, fine art, food products, automobiles, sports teams, entertainment venues, salon chains, supermarkets and more, Oskin has spent over 35 years devoted to marketing and promoting the professional beauty and medical industries. As a result and as a noted feminist, Oskin’s primary goal is to help women look great and to feel better about themselves while improving their self-respect, image, credibility and pride. He also looks to inspire men, women and children alike with the emotional values derived from shared artwork that offers a strong sense of visual delight. He adds, “Artwork is an Oskin shares, “To those who call art their “hobby”, that’s great – for them! If you create art in any medium for your own enjoyment and to share with others; artwork is a wonderfully creative outlet. It is not my hobby! For myself and many professional artists, art is definitely NOT our hobby. It is our respectful career, our dream and our life! I take great pride and joy in the artwork I create, hoping it will help others to be inspired.”

The Future Of Art Beautique:

While the original gallery collections now only share artwork by Larry Oskin, Art Beautique will soon offer the opportunity for other artists to share and market their work. Oskin encourages anyone, especially salon and spa professionals as well as medical professionals to explore how to become a future Art Beautique artist. Participating artists will be invited to showcase original limited edition fine art through this virtual gallery. You will be invited to register your email address on the Art Beautique website as we will offer special events, promotions and new collections throughout each year.

Investments In Fine Art!

Art Beautique artwork is collectible. Art makes a wonderful gift! Art always has been and will always be a great investment to enhance your life. Whether you invest in artwork from an internationally famous artist or any local up and coming artist, the most important primary reason to invest in artwork – is to first enjoy it. From there, the value will grow whether you keep it, sell it or share your artwork investments with family, friends and co-workers. Financial value is very important, yet secondary.

Art Beautique collections are all original limited edition artwork that will be available on stretched canvas as well as with framed and matted artwork.


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